I’ll get in my car

Drive it faster than I

Ever did before.

Head out west until I finally

Reach the shore.

The baby’s daddy || [closed; tragicallynoah]


Charlie smiled at the child as he heard Noah. He felt bad for bringing up something so personal like the death of his parents when he barely knew them. ” I’m an editor in chief. For Elle.”  he answered simply as he smirked at Noah. ” If you don’t mind, what do you study at Oxford?”  Charlie asked curious as he sipped from his smoothie. 




"Well, I like to read. Parker and I have a bookshelf in the living room with over 400 books on it." Noah smiled. He looked up at Matty and put away Parker’s coat.  Noah kicked off his shoes, standing in jut his socks. "Uhhh…other than that, I just kind of watch romance movies and take Parker to community service every Saturday. That’s all…. oh, and I like to cook….so I hope you’ll stay for dinner."


Listening to the otehr Father speak, he walked through Noah’s home and looked around at the wall and inspected the place. When he mentioned books, he walked into the living room and spotted all of the books he was talking about. “Wow.” He said out loud, turning back to look at the other. “Sounds like you two have a lot of fun with one another.” Matty pointed out and stuffed his hands into the back pockets of his jeans. “I’d love that — Um, we would love to stay for dinner.”

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Xavier hummed softly, smiling as he nodded his head. He closed his eyes and began to sleep. The next morning, he woke up with a small bump on his back, sighing softly as he saw Parker. “Hey baby girl, everything alright?” he mumbled to her softly.

Parker nodded and cuddled into Xavier. “I wanted to cuddle with you, Papa.” The little girl mumbled. Noah rolled over and looked at the two. “Hey cuties!” He smiled. “You two hungry?”


"The more energetic the better!" He smiled.

Noah chuckled. “If you say so.” He smiled as their for was placed in front of them.


Louis gently hugged him back with a small smile “never baby, I’ll never leave you”

Noah sniffled and looked up at him. “So….you were making dinner?”




Xavier giggled again, smiling as he hummed softly to Noah. “Thank you. I wanna stay with you forever too, I really do,” he mumbled honestly. He was scared of falling in love or settling down, but if it were for Noah and Parker, he’d do it. And it was something he was sure he’d want to do, just for them. 

Noah smiled softly, closing his eyes. He pressed a kiss to Xavier’s head, snuggling close to the other. “Goodnight, my prince.” He mumbled and drifted into a deep slumber.

i should’ve bought you flowers // noah x emmie



Emilia smiled and carefully got off his back, kneeling next to the little girl, “This is lovely darling. You did perfect.” She smiled over at Noah as he got out the food before helping him feed Parker. The brunette reached for a strawberry herself and took a bite, “Thank you for inviting me.”

"Oh you’re always welcome to join us. We come here every sunday for a picnic." Noah smiled at Emmie, making sure everyone had some pizza and strawberries. He smiled and watched as Parker ate.


"Why overwhelming?" He smiled and sipped his drinks. "Kids are my life"

"Parker is very energetic." Noah chuckled.


Louis shook his head and leaned forward to gently kiss the male “you’re not a loser..and I love you”

Noah kissed back softly before hugging Louis tightly. “I love you too.” He sniffled. “Please never leave.”